a documentary by
Markus Schmidt, Jan Bernotat & Marion Glaser


Director & Editor: Markus CM Schmidt, born in 1967, worked as projectionist and film-editor’s assistent in Munich before he started studying film-editor at the filmschool in Potsdam-Babelsberg in ‘92. During his studies he directed his first feature-length documentary on holocoust-survivors, shot in Poland and Israel. Since he finished filmschool in ’98, he works as film-editor for feature length cinema films as well as for TV-documentaries. In early 2003 he started a filmmakers initiative against the upcoming war in Iraq during Berlinale film festival, that was shown on the same festival 12 days later. (
For the documentary “Marry Me” by Uli Gaulke & Jeanette Eggert, he received the german film-editors award in 2004.

Camera & Co-Director: Jan Bernotat (2nd from left), born in Zürich, Switzerland on 9.6.1969, started his career in 1991 as camera assistant to soon after join the visual effects department for a series of international feature films. After organising the miniature effects shooting for R.Emmerichs ‚The Patriot‘, he became 1st Assistant Director and worked on numerous films and commercials. Since then he also followed own projects. For the British/German experimental feature ‚Maldoror‘ he directing one of the episodes.
Following he shot two documentaries with adventurer Bruno Baumann in the Gobi desert and in western Tibet.

Assitent Director & Production Manager: Marion Glaser was born in Karlsruhe/Germany and grew up in a french-german family.
During her studies she jobbed on several documentaries as a researcher and assistant director. She worked with the french directors Serge Moati, Ruth Sylberman, Jean-Louis Comolli and german directors Sebastian Winkels and Jürgen Stumpfhaus.
Currently she is a freelance researcher and production manager for Arte by film companies like zero one film or nachtaktivfilm in Berlin.