a documentary by
Markus Schmidt, Jan Bernotat & Marion Glaser

some documents we found while we wrote the narration

Is this gang of untrained combatants really challenging one of Africa’s most effective armys?

Is the FDLR a real threat to Rwanda? We are surprised that this young Hutu fighter openly talked about a planned attack on Rwanda.

Although Rwanda is mining its own land, the amount of minerals they’re selling on the international market, is five times higher.

The profits of this smuggling flow into Kigali where a new wealthy quarter bears the nickname “Merci Congo”.

While here in Bukavu, people live in miserable poverty.

...and Rwanda accused a whole ethnic group.

Hundreds of thousands tried by lay judges. The traditional Gacaca village courts, overburdened with the mass of cases, deliver draconian verdicts despite insufficient evidence.

In no way can the genocide be compared to the attacks on the Hutu-refugees.

All sides in this conflict have their own tragedy as well as their dark secrets. But the Hutu are still held responsible. They however, see these events differently.

Years after the the ineffective inquiry, outrageous conspiracy theories continue to fuel the conflict.

According to the Hutu-fighters, Paul Kagame was behind the assassination that triggered the genocide. It was only in the ensuing chaos that Kagame was able to defeat the Hutu army, as his troops were not strong enough to win a regular battle against them.

An armed community of defenceless refugees?


After everything that has happened to them in this lawless jungle, for them, it is understandable they carry weapons.